Side Effects from Lactase Enzyme Pills

Having a lactose intolerance means that a person is unable to break down lactose. Lactose is milk sugar and is found in mostly milk and milk products. This intolerance can cause stomach aches, bloating, diarrhea, and gas when eating dairy products that contain lactose. Taking lactase pills can help to get rid of the symptoms of having a lactose intolerance. This is what the body normally makes to digest lactose, but in those with an intolerance, is not produced in enough quantities to do a good job. There are very few lactase side effects and is generally safe. So far there have been no drug interactions with this pill either. If looking to try to over come a lactose intolerance, talk with your doctor and think about adding this enzyme to your diet.


The only real side effect that is known about is having an allergic reaction, this is very rare but it can happen. An allergic reaction maybe something like a rash or hives. An allergic reaction could be something more serious such as: swelling of the face, or mouth or tongue, tightening in the chest, and trouble breathing. If one does develop any kind of allergic reaction, stop taking lactase immediately and consult with your physician if you end up having any of these issues. Allergic reactions are a rare thing but, it is something to keep in mind. Keep in mind while there are many side effects and side effects can vary. Here are just a few:

  • upset stomach
  • abdominal bloating/cramping
  • gas

lactaid enzymes

Lactase pills are a fairly new thing, and side effects and reactions are still being found. So far the use of lactase has not shown to have any reactions to any other medications. Taking lactaid enzymes are not recommended for those who are either pregnant or breast feeding as the reactions are unknown. If, while taking lactase enzymes, you have any kind of reaction consult with a physician before continuing to take it. Being lactose intolerant can be very frustrating, especially if you love dairy foods. Normally the body creates lactase to digest lactose, or milk sugar, but some people cannot produce enough of this, and that is why they are lactose intolerant. Luckily a person can take pills or chews, to help alleviate the symptoms of being unable to consume lactose.  Just as with any medication, this has a few side effects, not many, but a few. The problem of being lactose intolerant can be greatly helped by taking lactaid enzymes.