Natural Supplements That Promote Intelligence

Natural Supplements That Promote Intelligence, Faster Reaction Times And Overall Efficiency
Rather you're a hard-working college student preparing for your final exams, you're a full-time mother running around the house with your children, or you're simply looking to perform better mentally, you need supplements to fulfill your needs. With all of the products on the market today, we need to hone in on the brain products that are specifically designed to help your mind work at optimum efficiency. In this article we'll dive in to some of the best natural energy pills supplements on the market today that increase your overall brain health and help you become a better version of yourself.

Vyzetra Ultra from Scimera

Have you ever asked yourself "will this make me smarter" while searching for brain-enhancing supplements? Scimera offers a product that goes by the name of Vyzetra Ultra that works internally in order to improve the synaptic responses within the brain. The contents used in this brain-boosting formula help the body absorb nutrients rapidly, protect the delicate nerves and vessels within the eye, and even creates an abundance of mental energy and clarity for those long days ahead. A list of the natural ingredients found within Vyzetra Ultra can be found below:

Krill Oil Supplementation

Krill oil is often one of the most over-looked brain supplements on the market today. However, Krill oil is considered one of the most effective and potent brain supplements with beneficial properties that help the heart, brain, cardiovascular system, and overall energy regulation. Scientists located at the Rhode Island Hospital’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center conducted a study with Alzheimer's patients by introducing them to regular Krill oil consumption. After the duration of the study was completed, they performed brain scans and memory tests on the Alzheimer patients in order to track their progress. Shockingly, the research found that these patients showed signs of improved brain function and were capable of remembering critical details for longer periods of time. 

colitis bacteria under a microscope[/caption] It should be noted that not all fish oil supplements are created the same. In this sense you get what you pay for in terms of quality and results from certain fish oil products. The first thing a buyer needs to pay attention to is the amount of Omega-3s contained within the product in question. As a rule of thumb: if a product does not have a minimum of 1000mg of Omega-3s per serving, don't purchase that product. An individual should try and consume between 1000mgs and 5000mgs of Omega-3s per day within their diet. One of the best fish oil supplements on the market today is Omega 3 Fish Oil from Vitamin Shoppe. This product is used by thousands of individuals around the globe with international praise. The supplement has also received the highest scores in quality tests around the internet