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Highly advanced formulation tailored to provide a synergistic benefit promoting healthy joints and mobility.

Perhaps excessive use or the effects of aging has changed or limited your joint movement. With an advanced science approach, Scimera BioScience developed the ultimate and comprehensive joint support supplement with Zoflexa.

Containing natural anti-inflammatory response support with ParActin andWOKVEL: powerful antioxidant benefit of curcumin-phytosome complex and NEM an all-natural eggshell membrane product for cartilage and joint matrix support.

This complete and revolutionary formulation will provide the ultimate in joint health and support:

    • Maintain Joint Health and Mobility†
    • Supports Anti-Inflammatory Response†
    • Promotes Antioxidant Joint Protection

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What is Zoflexa®? 

Zoflexa® is an optimal joint wellness formulation that promotes joint health and mobility, supports a natural anti-inflammatory response† and provides potent antioxidant protection. 

Why is Zoflexa different than other brands? 

Unlike many leading brands, Zoflexa is formulated with NEM®, Meriva®, WOKVEL®, and Paractin® to provide comprehensive and synergistic anti-inflammatory support to joint, bone and cartilage. 

What are the components of Zoflexa? 

NEM® supplies the body with collagen, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, glycosaminoglycans, and other biomolecules to promote tissue repair†. This helps the body maintain the strength and elasticity of joint structures and connective tissue. Meriva® features a natural curcumin-phytosome complex which results in dramatically increased bioavailability and promotes antioxidant protection. WOKVEL® is a standardized extract of boswellic acids that synergistically complements Meriva® and Paractin® to support anti-inflammatory response.

Zoflexa delivers a comprehensive approach to encompass all aspects of true joint and cartilage support. There’s no better choice.

Zoflexa. The ultimate joint support formulation. Take nothing less.

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