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  • Contains Award winning Wellmune, clinically proven to improve key immune responses and activate natural immune function?
  • Enhanced with ParActin®, Echinacea, Astragalus and Quercetin to promote powerful synergistic immune system support?
  • Powerful antioxidant benefit from green tea extracts, Pureway-C, resveratrol and polyphenols
  • Easy to take in convenient self explanatory 4-day Blister pack, designed to optimize patient dosing regimen
  • Recommended to be taken: Situational Immune challenges- Travel, work place environment, going to movies, classrooms, trade shows, seasonal support
  • Gluten-Free
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Nearly 200 different viral strains are the etiological agent of the common cold. These infectious agents burden the United States economy with some 500 million episodes per year and billions of dollars in economic loss and work productivity. We are surrounded not only by these viruses, but many more potentially harmful bacteria and other infectious agents.

Microbes are generally spread via the inhalation of air droplets and direct contact with fomites. Thus, medical professionals recommend frequent hand washing and covering our mouths when we sneeze in preventing the transmission of infectious agents.

Safeguarding our health from the daily onslaught of infectious agents is the immune system. The human immune system can be understood as the synergistic operation of two systems: the adaptive and the innate immune system. Constantly interacting with one another, it keeps us healthy and prevents harmful microbes from causing pathogenesis.

The adaptive immune system is responsible for providing long-term immunity to diseases previously contracted or vaccinated for (i.e. chicken pox, mumps, measles, etc.). It is a slow, long lasting form of immunity. The innate immune system affords us rapid protection from general bacteria and viruses that coexist with our daily activities. The innate immune system is a high speed, non-specific method for recognition and elimination of potentially infectious microbes.

Recognizing the importance of innate immunity, Scimera BioScience has developed SciMune; a unique formulation in response to the growing scientific, clinical and public interest in proactive wellness. SciMune is an immune support formulation that safely stimulates the innate immune system.

The human body contains billions of white blood cells that circulate throughout the body’s vasculature, SciMune safely galvanizes and supports our white blood cells via Wellmune WGP and powerful biological reducing agents, and natural immune support supplements. Resveratrol and Quercetin are powerful biological antioxidants. Humans naturally synthesize R-lipoic acid and is the biologically functional antioxidant found in alpha lipoic acid.

With more than a quarter billion dollars in Research and Development, Wellmune WGP by Biothera Healthcare Group is a patent protected, natural, non-allergenic, GMO free, GRAS approved product that is clinically proven by Biothera to enhance the immune system. It is derived from a unique complex carbohydrate featuring beta linked 1,3 and 1,6 glycosidic bonds, which are naturally found in yeast.

Upon taking SciMune, the yeast polysaccharide travels through the upper gastrointestinal tract and enters the small intestine. Here, it is absorbed via specialized lymphatic tissue named Peyer’s Patches. Once in the immune system the yeast polysaccharide encounters the biggest white blood cell called a macrophage. The macrophage digests the compound, becomes activated, and then releases it to neutrophils (which comprise most of the body’s white blood cells). Along with complement proteins synthesized by the liver, neutrophils and macrophages are now primed and better able to defend against a subsequent challenge by pathogens.

SciMune is formulated to be safe for daily consumption and is most effective when taken proactively. Scimera BioScience is confident that the addition of SciMune to your immune support regimen will be well received. Take two capsules of SciMune immediately and one capsule three times a day for maximal immune system support.

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