• Contains Coffeeberry® Energy Natural Coffee Caffeine plus B-Vitamins, Green tea extract
  • Liquid capsule matrix for rapid onset (Feel the Energy in 30-60 minutes) Duration approximately 4-6 hours
  • No crash no jitters with 50% more caffeine than leading energy drink
  • No Artificial sweeteners, coloring, additives nor preservatives
  • Recommended for Working Professionals, Students, Athletes or anyone needing that extra energy/focus boost
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What is E2?
E2 is the next generation in natural energy supplements developed in response to the demand for a healthier and more effective alternative to energy drinks. E2 is delivered in a cutting edge, liquid filled, vegetarian Licap and is all natural and physician formulated. It contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, flavoring, or calories.

What is in E2 and what is it for?
E2 Essential Energy™ contains the optimal blend of Coffeeberry® Energy Natural Coffee Caffeine, Green Tea Extracts, B-Vitamins, and potent antioxidants to promote alertness†, support intense mental focus†, and intensify physical performance. It offers a quick onset with a sustained effect while eliminating the crash, jitters, bad taste of traditional energy drinks.

E2 is NSF certified. What does that mean?
The NSF Certified for Sport® Program is recognized by the NFL, NFL Players Association, MLB, MLB Players Association, PGA, LPGA, and Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports. NSF maintains a stringent independent certification process. We recommend you visit their website at www.nsfsport.com.

Who needs E2 and when should they take it?
Recommended for students, working professionals, athletes or anyone needing that extra energy/focus boost! Many people need this daily!

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