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  • Vyztr600x600


    Rise to the challenges of everyday life with this potent multivitamin and mineral formula designed to deliver better absorption and assist in optimizing multiple bodily systems.

    Specifically, Vyzetra Ultra includes exclusive PureWay-C® which is more rapidly absorbed and lasts longer than traditional ascorbic acid. It also contains lutein, lycopene, and the potent Zeaxanthin to support eye and retinal health. Chromemate®, Copper, Selenium and other essential trace minerals for protein metabolism, brain function, healthy blood sugar levels, and Tumeric, a potent antioxidant to support joint health.

    As well, Vyzetra Ultra is also infused with Co-Q-10, Resveratrol, reduced Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid and a targeted set of vitamins for helping to support energy, metabolism, and memory. Vyzetra Ultra is truly designed to accommodate a 21st Century Lifestyle†.

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