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    Exceptional broad-spectrum probiotics are the cornerstone of Asprega’s one-of-a-kind proprietary blend. Comprised of 11 different kinds of beneficial gastrointestinal bacterial strains and S. Boulardii, to aid in the health and function of the digestive tract.
    As one of the most comprehensive probiotics on the market, Asprega is designed to provide maximum digestive support and performance. As well, Asprega is made to be more compatible with existing intestinal and colonic flora, which promotes comfort and encourages daily use – thus helping to support and maintain healthy function in the large and small intestine.

    Our delayed-release capsule ensures maximum potency is delivered to the lower digestive tract where the body needs it most.

    One of our patients with crones had not been able to go to the bathroom in 8 days.Their physician had nothing to offer that worked.I suggested Asprega.  After 3 days on Asprega the patient is now regular and says her quality of life is the best it has been in years. Thank you!
    JH Plains Drugs

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  • Natural Probitic


    This convenient 10-day course of Scimera BioScience’s powerful, broad-spectrum probiotic, Asprega, was developed specifically to support gastrointestinal health when taking antibiotics.

    Clinical research suggests the use of probiotics may reduce the onset of antibiotic associated diarrhea†. Asprega ProPac’s smart packaging approach provides just the right amount of capsules to last a typical 10-day regimen of antibiotics – with no waste and at a much lower price than most full-size packages of probiotics.

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  • lactase pill


    Exceptionally comprehensive formula designed to support digesting dairy products.

    Because not all Lactase supplement products are created equal. Scimera BioScience has developed LactasePro, a triple function approach to addressing issues associated with lactose intolerance and dairy products. LactasePro contains both potent Lactase and dairy protein digestive enzymes because…. sometimes difficulty digesting dairy may also be associated with dairy proteins.

    LactasePro has been further enhanced with Lactase producing Probiotic strains to provide additional natural lactase enzyme production. This is all delivered in a vegetarian Delayed release capsule to ensure maximal delivery and benefit.

    We are confident that this innovative approach to lactose and dairy intolerance will exceed all your expectations…

    With LactasePro you can Rethink and Appreciate Dairy Again.

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