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  • Natural Energy Pill


    A smaller, convenient travel-size variation of our E2 Essential Energy Capsule, our E2 Mini Pack is perfect for the busy professional or student looking for a natural boost of energy in a small capsule.

    The NSF Certified for Sport® Program is recognized by the NFL, NFL Players Association, MLB, MLB Players Association, PGA, LPGA, and Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports.

    “I increased my weights by 20% and my cardio by 20 minutes. Best work out to date thanks to E2. Such clean energy with no jitters and no crash.”
    G.L. Weston,Fl.


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  • Sckrll600x600


    Created from the most potent source of supplement Omega 3 fatty acids available, SciKrill delivers maximum potency in a minimal dose.

    Because these Omega 3s, EPA and DHA are bound to phospholipids in the formula, SciKrill offers substantially better absorption by the body, which in turn enhances the degree to which the body’s cell membranes incorporate these essential fatty acids.

    It also means that SciKrill is more efficient than ordinary fish oil with fewer dosages and fewer unpleasant side effects like “fishy” burps. Whether you’re following The American Heart Associations suggestion that Omega 3s may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, or you’re simply looking to support healthy arteries, joints, and cognitive brain function, SciKrill is a superior choice.†

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  • Immune support


    SciMune is an all-natural, cutting edge immune support formulation. It is physician formulated and is among the most effective immune support products on the market today. It contains the award winning Wellmune®, which is clinically proven to improve key immune responses and effectively activate natural immune function.† The formulation is fortified with Paractin® to provide powerful immune enhancing properties while supporting a natural anti-inflammatory response.†

    SciMune is further enhanced with Pureway-C, B-Vitamins, Zinc, Astragalus, Echinacea root, Green tea extracts, EGCG, and other potent antioxidants to synergistically provide superb antioxidant protection.†  SciMune has expanded applications including: times of travel, exposure in crowded spaces, and any time of year when extra immune system support is needed most.† The 4-day blister pack makes for easy and convenient dosing.

    Make SciMune a part of your immune support regimen!

    Wellmune WGP® is a key component of SciMune


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  • Ubqunl600x600


    Replenish your energy at the cellular level with Ubiquinol – the active antioxidant reduced form of CoEnzyme Q-10 (CoQ10). Although naturally produced by our bodies and found in every cell, Ubiquinol levels go down as we age. Statin drugs also reduce natural levels of Ubiquinol and may develop muscle aches, cramping, fatigue, and exhaustion*.

    Scimera BioScience’s Ubiquinol CoEnzyme Q-10 addresses these issues by introducing a more concentrated quantity of CoEnzyme Q-10 that can be easily absorbed by the body. Ubiquinol’s antioxidant qualities help support cellular energy, healthy heart, brain and immune system function†.

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  • Vyztr600x600


    Rise to the challenges of everyday life with this potent multivitamin and mineral formula designed to deliver better absorption and assist in optimizing multiple bodily systems.

    Specifically, Vyzetra Ultra includes exclusive PureWay-C® which is more rapidly absorbed and lasts longer than traditional ascorbic acid. It also contains lutein, lycopene, and the potent Zeaxanthin to support eye and retinal health. Chromemate®, Copper, Selenium and other essential trace minerals for protein metabolism, brain function, healthy blood sugar levels, and Tumeric, a potent antioxidant to support joint health.

    As well, Vyzetra Ultra is also infused with Co-Q-10, Resveratrol, reduced Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid and a targeted set of vitamins for helping to support energy, metabolism, and memory. Vyzetra Ultra is truly designed to accommodate a 21st Century Lifestyle†.

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